Monday, April 29, 2013

Reach out and touch...

Browsing the usual blogs I read, I found something on the Slink Style blog. A post from Siddean Munro in which she announces an upcoming sale, for Slink. Slink is one of my favorite brands in SecondLife, and I am certainly going to the store during this sale, to buy some things to expand my collection. And everyone else should enjoy this sale as well. Even is the quality and discounted prices wouldn't draw you to the sale, the cause of the sale should. I could explain it to you, but I think the best way would be to quote Siddean's own words:

I'm going to share a little personal information here which is not something I would normally do. My father-in-law is  sick. It's terminal and it's a very difficult time for my family. I don't really want to talk about it, but my husband and I do have to go back to the Netherlands, soon. He is travelling this weekend, I am travelling at the end of May. 
So to help us a little with our plane fares between Australia and the Netherlands, I am having a sale at Slink this week only, 30% off everything (except the hands and feet, which were so recently updated, I feel bad for putting them on sale so soon!)
Sale starts the 30th of April midnight SLT, and runs until the 5th of may at 11:59PM SLT. I will be closing the store briefly before midnight to prepare.
I will post again when the sale actually starts, for now, I am just posting an advance notice!

Siddean Munro, Slink Style blog

If that's not an extra good reason to go to a sale, I don't know what is. The newly updated mesh hands and mesh feet are excluded from the sale, but that should not keep you from buying these beauties! The hands come in 15 different versions, from holding a cigarette to wishing someone peace. Like the Lola Tangos these hands and feet have a growing number of skin designers to make appliers for them, so with some luck you won't even have to match the skin on these babies.

Hair: Lelutka - Bouffant
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual
Feet: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet Medium Barefeet Rigged
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Groomed Medium Black (Mesh)
Jacket:  Ducknipple - Apoc Hoodie
Pants:  Lapointe & Bastchild - S'Wear PVC Pants Skinny Zip
Shoes: Slink - Destiny Heels (Mesh Addon)
Pose: Sensations - Couch

Sunday, April 14, 2013

If you ain't got elegance, you can never carry it off

There's a new pair of thigh high boots on the market, and I don't think I've ever been complimented on my boots as much as with these. I've been seeing a couple of people walking around in them before the release date, they were all friends of the designer, and they were beta testing the boots. I already loved them to bits when I saw the boots on them, so I won't have to tell you how thrilled I was when they finally got released.

The boots I am talking about are Domina's Duo's High Elegance Boots. They are like the knee high Elegance boots, with the pointy toes, but the, as the name shows, a higher version. They have 12 different coloured textures included, and the accessories, like the zipper, sole, and such, are fully colourable by RGB. I love these boots, and I think it's needless to say I have been wearing these and only these since I got them last week.

Also I am very proud of myself for finding out how to make tattoos that run across variousbody parts instead of simply drawing it onto a layer and hoping the lines match up. The tattoo I've chosen is from one of my favourite web-comic artists: Shiniez, also known as Nebezial, or Stjepan Sejic, the creator of the comic 'Ravine'.

Hair: Magika – Plenty
Jewelry: Amorous - Torus
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Groomed
Tattoo: Shiniez (Self imported, won't be for sale)
Dress: Sugar - French Dress *Rose Skully*
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant
Shoes: Domina's Duo - High Elegance Boots
Pose: oOo - Stacked

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

And back again!

I've been gone for a while, but this week I got new vibes again. I've done some work to the layout of the blog as well. I found a way to add some of my sponsors to the blog (finally!), and for some reason the Plurk plugin that did not work before suddenly does work now.

And as I was working on the blog anyway I thought I might as well make a new blogpost, too. And earlier this week, I got a new pair of heels to review from Skifija! So behold the new Capricious! They are a pair of new strappy heels, which are colour changeable. As always these come with the feet which are so well known by now, and one HUD which controls everything. This HUD has gone some minor updates again, but nothing big like the last time I updated.

And for today's picture, I've asked my friend Chessa to be in the picture. So everyone, say hi to Chessa!

Hair: Exile - American Woman
Nails: je suis... - Naive nails v2
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Groomed Medium Black (Mesh)
Jacket - Erratic - Rossi
Pants - Erratic - Abel
Shoes: Skifija - Capricious

Hair: Lelutka - Canto
Top:  Maitreya - Mignon top
Pants - Celoe - Yasmine
Bracelets - League - Wanderer
Glasses - Solar Eyewear - Atria
Shoes: Skifija - Capricious

Pose: Diesel Works - Girlfriends