Tuesday, July 10, 2018

LOTD 003.5 : Cosmea Texture HUD

Yesterday I found a nice surprise in my inbox. A fresh pair of Cosmea boots! But this time there was another HUD included. The Cosmea Extra Texture Package. This is a new idea implemented by Gina Lurra, the designer of Essent. She's released the new HUD for a current price of L$ 350. For that you get exactly one (1) texture.

But wait! That is not all. For the next few weeks Gina will add up to 23 textures, and with those textures the hud will increase in price, until it will cost L$ 850 for the full hud. Now you would think that it's smart to hold out until the last textures are added to get the most bang for your buck, but you're wrong there! For the 350 you pay now, you will get all other textures by updates as well. So the sooner you buy, the cheaper it will be!

Some textures she has already promised: Suede, Snakeskin, Croc leather, and Dragonskin.

The current release only has worn out leather, like you see on the pictures above and below.

Picture ©Essent by Gina Lurra
Top: Blueberry -
Shorts: Blueberry -
Rings: RealEvil -
Piercings: LittleFish -
Boots: Essent -
Hat: Meli Imako - Women's Floppy hat with hair
Hair: Meli Imako - Women's Floppy hat with hair
Location: Dusty Shores 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

LOTD 003: Cosmea

Today I wasted to highlight one special thing from my outfit, which are the boost I am wearing, by Essent. Essent might not mean much to you, other than you might have seen the banner between my sponsors, but you know the designer's work, as she used to be the head designer for Domina's Duo as well.

These thigh high, leather boots have quite a few options. Not only can you color them in virtually any color with the HUD that they come it, you can also change whether they have the toecap, as you see on the picture, or go without, and you can choose whether you want a block heel, as shown on the picture, or a stiletto heel. All in all, these are a pair of very hot boots, for some very hot ladies!


Top: Blueberry -
Shorts: Blueberry -
Rings: RealEvil -
Piercings: LittleFish -
Boots: Essent -
Hat: Meli Imako - Women's Floppy hat with hair
Hair: Meli Imako - Women's Floppy hat with hair
Location: Dusty Shores 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

LOTD 001: Party all night long!

I have decided that I'm not going to fuss about post titles anymore, I'm just going with Look of the day, and if I can think of a nice subtitle, I'll add it, if not. just as well, it'll just be Look of the day #.
Anyway, here's look of the day #1!


Dress: Addams - JLO Straps dress
Boots: Utopia - Mirka
Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings
Hair: Phoenix - Farryn
Pose: Foxcity - Stairs (Standing)
Backdrop: Paparazzi - Nightclub Stairwell (located at Backdrop City)

Saturday, March 03, 2018



Top: Vale Koer - Crophoodie
Panties: Vale Koer - Waits Panties
Rings: RealEvil - Luxy rings
Hair: Truth - Apple
Glasses: [69] - Lea Glasses
Piercings: LittleFish - Various Piercings
Pose and mobile phone: Foxcity - Quick Selfie Bento pose

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Introducing Josie

Hey all, it's been a while since I restarted this blog, and recently I've actually started placing new posts, and now it's time to introduce our new co-writer, Josephine Day! She's a long term friend of mine, and is actually making her first steps in Second Life Blogging. She's not new to writing however, so she might write some lovely stories for you. For those who had not guessed it, Josie is on the right in the picture below, with me, Louise on the left.



Jacket: Blueberry - Lida
Pants: Blueberry - Pizza
Boots: Reign - All Star Thigh Highs
Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings
Necklace: Voluptas Virtualis - Sana
Hair: Truth - Farryn
Piercings: LittleFish - Various Piercings
Pose: Meli Imako - Female Fashion Poses


Jacket & Shirt: Blueberry - Asia
Pants: Addams - Ginger Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes: Gos Boutique - Bianca Pumps
Rings: Voluptas Virtualis - Lali
Collar: Codex - Perception
Hair: Dela - Leah
Pose: Meli Imako - Female Fashion Poses


Backdrop: Location Backdrop City

Thursday, February 08, 2018



Dress: United Colors - Own Me Outfit (Collabor88 February 2018)
Shoes: N-core - Paula (Fetish Fair 2018)
Catsuit: Maison de la Marquise - MdlM clear latex catsuit
Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings
Hair: Foxy - Whip
Piercings: LittleFish - Various Piercings
Pose & Crop: Foxcity - Dominance
Backdrop: xxxx Location Backdrop City