Monday, October 15, 2012

More Extreme Platforms

The ink on my last post was hardly dry, when the Golden Skifija group received another notice! This time Goran released The SKIFIJA - Extreme Platform (PANTER). And they are gorgeous again! This time they have an extra option of being able to fully adjust the colour the shoe itself as well, so it you want a pink leopard print, you can have a pink leopard print!

These are as usual very detailed, and in addition to the outside being tintable, the other options of tintable feet, nails, inner and outer soles are also applicable to these shoes, just like the previous ones. All and all there are now 4 different Extreme platform heels by Skifija, and I love them all!

Top Picture:
Hair: LeLutka - Lively
Lashes: je suis... - Apparence Lashes - No. 001
Piercings: je suis... - Perce
Nails: Mstyle - Perfect Hand - Long Nails
Top: Maitreya - Athena Sweater
Pants: Maitreya - Leather Legging
Shoes: Skifija - Etreme Platform (PANTER)
Pose: Diesel Works - Diva

Bottom Picture (left to right):
Skifija - Extreme Platform - Black
Skifija - Extreme Platform - Panter
Skifija - Extreme Platform - Crocodil
Skifija - Extreme Platform - Zebra

Friday, October 12, 2012

Skifija Extreme Platforms

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of the new Skifija shoe-line. Goran Osterham was one of the first designers to make separate feet and shoes that fit together, and when he first released his Lady Night Pumps, and later the the High Heel classic, it was an instant hit with me. I love the level of detail in his shoes and since he started to produce mesh, I've gotten every single pair of his shoes.

Today Skifija has released not one, but two new pairs of shoes. Both are of the Extreme Platform series. Some of you may have seen the black version of these shoes. But today I found two new designs in the store. One of them is seen in the picture above, the others are also seen in the picture below.

These shoes both have wonderful detail and as usual for the Skifija shoes, they come with fully tintable feet. Other options are the tintable nails (for when you wish to wear the feet without the shoes), and tintable inner and outer soles. You can find a tutorial to tinting the feet here.

Better get them while they are hot, since today is Friday, and Friday is discount day at the Golden Skifija. Join their group, get a discount card from the store rabbit, and wear that to select the discount on the buy menu. This works on everything in the store!

Shoes: Skifija - Extreme Platform (ZEBRA)
Shoes: Skifija - Extreme Platform (CROCODILE)
Hair: Lelutka - Lively - Jessica
Pose: Diesel Works - DW Barstool v.2011 B/W

Thursday, October 11, 2012

An introduction.

Who am I?

My name is Adanaya Lamplight. I was born in Second Life on June 5th 2009, which makes me over three years old. To some that is old, to some that is young. But then again, as I always hear on so many birthday's, you are as old as you feel.

Anyway, for the first few months I wandered through Second Life, having fun here venturing there, not really having a goal. My first real encounter with fashion in Second Life, was when I applied for a job at Bax Coen Designs. Their Prestige boots were my favourite boots by far. I had spent fitting the boots on a friend of mine when someone suddenly said, "Perhaps you should fill out an application form and apply for a job here."
That person turned out to be Bax Coen, designer of the famous boots, and owner of the store.

One application and a couple of interviews later I got hired, in what I still think is the most wanted job in Second Life. I became a Bax Coen Customer Service Representative. Or at least I became a Trainee. After working with a couple of the senior workers there, I finally got my tag as Bax Coen CSR.

Not long after that came my next step in fashion and modelling. A colleague from Bax, the accessories designer Julia Merosi, asked if I could help her for the launch of her new brand: je suis... I was the model for je suis... princesse and on the launch party I went undercover as one of the mannequins showing off the newly designed jewellery Julia made. I modelled for Julia's designs for about a year and a half I think, until other models were invited to show her designs as well.

Not long after that I did something not many models have done before, and I completely switched my looks. I went from a pale white, skinny, extremely tall girl, to a normal sized, curvy black woman. I knew it meant I had to start all over again in terms of modelling, but I felt more comfortable in my new looks than before, and was very determined to make it into modelling in my new looks as well.

And after a while some level of success was finally there, I managed to make it to the finals of Miss Essence of Ebony, a beauty pageant created to express the beauty of ebony women around the world. I reached the Finals as Miss Essence of Ebony Ghana 2012. The final winner of that competition was Miss Togo, Ngozi Faith. However disappointed as I was, she was the best in the competition, finishing in the top three every single week. When I IMed her to congratulate her, we got to talking and she advised me to join the starwalkers 2010 and Model's Workshop groups and find a modelling academy, and hone the crude skills I had. (Before Miss EoE I had never even been on a runway).

So after looking at a few academies, and not really knowing which one to choose, I saw a notice coming through the Starwalker 2010, that the new semester at Amici Agency and Academy was about to start, and people could apply for a spot in their class. I was invited for an interview with CJ Grantham and Cara Vespucciano-Grantham. They told me about their academy and their beliefs, already giving me some tips during that first interview, and showing me their training grounds. And so a half an hour interview turned into a two hour, conversation/first training, and I attended Amici Academy.

Due to being the only European in that semester, I had all my teachers to myself, and I was able to follow more classes than normally scheduled. I raced through the curriculum, and my teachers deemed me ready for exams after three and a half of the normal six weeks. Due to my nerves the exams did not go perfect, but they went well enough for CJ and Cara telling me I had earned my certificate and I had become an Amici Model.

And from that point, my fashion career really took off.