Thursday, October 11, 2012

An introduction.

Who am I?

My name is Adanaya Lamplight. I was born in Second Life on June 5th 2009, which makes me over three years old. To some that is old, to some that is young. But then again, as I always hear on so many birthday's, you are as old as you feel.

Anyway, for the first few months I wandered through Second Life, having fun here venturing there, not really having a goal. My first real encounter with fashion in Second Life, was when I applied for a job at Bax Coen Designs. Their Prestige boots were my favourite boots by far. I had spent fitting the boots on a friend of mine when someone suddenly said, "Perhaps you should fill out an application form and apply for a job here."
That person turned out to be Bax Coen, designer of the famous boots, and owner of the store.

One application and a couple of interviews later I got hired, in what I still think is the most wanted job in Second Life. I became a Bax Coen Customer Service Representative. Or at least I became a Trainee. After working with a couple of the senior workers there, I finally got my tag as Bax Coen CSR.

Not long after that came my next step in fashion and modelling. A colleague from Bax, the accessories designer Julia Merosi, asked if I could help her for the launch of her new brand: je suis... I was the model for je suis... princesse and on the launch party I went undercover as one of the mannequins showing off the newly designed jewellery Julia made. I modelled for Julia's designs for about a year and a half I think, until other models were invited to show her designs as well.

Not long after that I did something not many models have done before, and I completely switched my looks. I went from a pale white, skinny, extremely tall girl, to a normal sized, curvy black woman. I knew it meant I had to start all over again in terms of modelling, but I felt more comfortable in my new looks than before, and was very determined to make it into modelling in my new looks as well.

And after a while some level of success was finally there, I managed to make it to the finals of Miss Essence of Ebony, a beauty pageant created to express the beauty of ebony women around the world. I reached the Finals as Miss Essence of Ebony Ghana 2012. The final winner of that competition was Miss Togo, Ngozi Faith. However disappointed as I was, she was the best in the competition, finishing in the top three every single week. When I IMed her to congratulate her, we got to talking and she advised me to join the starwalkers 2010 and Model's Workshop groups and find a modelling academy, and hone the crude skills I had. (Before Miss EoE I had never even been on a runway).

So after looking at a few academies, and not really knowing which one to choose, I saw a notice coming through the Starwalker 2010, that the new semester at Amici Agency and Academy was about to start, and people could apply for a spot in their class. I was invited for an interview with CJ Grantham and Cara Vespucciano-Grantham. They told me about their academy and their beliefs, already giving me some tips during that first interview, and showing me their training grounds. And so a half an hour interview turned into a two hour, conversation/first training, and I attended Amici Academy.

Due to being the only European in that semester, I had all my teachers to myself, and I was able to follow more classes than normally scheduled. I raced through the curriculum, and my teachers deemed me ready for exams after three and a half of the normal six weeks. Due to my nerves the exams did not go perfect, but they went well enough for CJ and Cara telling me I had earned my certificate and I had become an Amici Model.

And from that point, my fashion career really took off.

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