Friday, December 28, 2012

You've got to be mine, all mine

Last weekend, just before Christmas, I found a fabulous item in my inbox, when Bax had sent me her new releases. It had taken a while, but now the Grande Madame of footwear also has found her way to mesh. And how! These lovely ankleboots are marvellous. The Bax Coen Foxy Boots have tons of options, and the come in Seven colours, Black Leather, Black Suede, Coffee, Earth, Ocean, Sand and Wood. And ofcourse, as we are used to by now, each pair has several color options, and accent colors as well. They are resizable by a +/- function in the menu, and you can even hide the cuffs, so you can wear the boots under a pair of jeans!

The new ankle boots can also be combined with sock tops

I love these new boots and I have been wearing them ever since I got them. With their versatility in colouring you can wear them with virtually anything, and there is a good alternative to wear with your mesh pants, without having to struggle with pumps with difficult to colourmatch feet. Like Jimi Hendrix sang in his song Foxy Lady: "You've got to be mine, all mine"

"You've got to be mine, all mine"

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Valerie (Collabor88)
Nails: je suis... - Naive Basic
Ring: je suis... - Brilliante "ombre" (Fashion Limited)
Lashes: je suis... - Apparence Lashes No. 001
Coat: ColdLogic - Parke
Socks: Meli Imako - Mesh Socks Top
Boots: Bax Coen Designs - Bax Foxy Boots
Pose: Adorkable Poses - Picture Window

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it...

... And I feel fine. We survived the apocalypse, the Armageddon  the end of the world. We're still here, and it was a blast, or was it? Anyway up to the next versions of Armageddon coming in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2024, 2028, 2029, 2038, 2047, 2060, and 2076. So we have some great parties coming up the next couple of years.

With Love... For Sway

This last week I have been spending some time hunting for lovely items in The With Love Hunt. In this hunt you can find some awesome items, like amazing dresses, accessories, skins, and even some pieces of furniture! I am about halfway myself as I'm not dedicating all my time to finding the items in the hunt. So I still have a little way to go. For anyone still wanting to do the hunt, There are 73 boxes containing a product worth 400L or more, and they will be for sale at 10L in each participating store. The hunt will run until the end of the month, December 31st.

This post isn't completely about The With Love Hunt, though. During this week I found a link on my login screen of my Firestorm Viewer for another event, Together for Sway. This is a charity event for an SL designer:

Sway Dench has been a fixture in Second Life for years. She creates some of the cutest furniture and decor, and is famous for her Cookie Bears. Recently she learned that there is a benign tumour in her brain, and in 6 to 8 weeks, she will undergo surgery to have it removed. While our dear Sway will make it through this, unfortunately her finances may not. She will be out of commission for nearly 6 months, and her inworld store is her only source of income.

Together for Sway was created to help this sweet woman deal with her time in need.

Various Designer have banded together, and will set out their items (new or otherwise) all in the same venue. 100% of the profits will go directly to Miss Dench.

I have had a peek at this venue and found some marvellous items there, even from some of my favourite designers. In the pictures below you will find various items from both the With Love hunt as Together for Sway. In the credit I will this time also credit the decor because nearly everything in the pictures comes from one of these events.

Hair: Lelutka - Hairbase
Skin: .Insufferable Dastard. - Sofia Skin / Deep (TfS)
Glasses: je suis... - charmante
Piercings: je suis... - perce
Sweater: ColdLogic - esma (TfS)
Hat: SYS - Kazakh cap Wool (WLH)
Socks: Meli Imako - Mesh Rigged Female Socks
Wall cabinet: Alouette - White Wood Entertainment Center (WLH)
Sofa: Cheaky Pea - Rue Abel Loveseat (WLH)
Chalkboard: .evolve. - With Love Chalkboard (WLH)
Lamp: { apple fall } - Manhattan Table Lamp (WLH)
Window: MIASNOW - Winter Window (TfS)
Pose 1st picture: Adorkable Poses - Call Me (phone included)
Pose 2nd picture: Cheeky Pea - Rue Abel Loveseat (Animation)

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sing, sweet Nightingale

A little while ago I received an invitation through the Diesel Works Update Group to apply to the Diesel Works Blogger Group. As most of my readers probably already noticed, a lot of the poses I use in these blogposts are poses by Diesel Works. Rogan Diesel is one of my favourite posebuilders and I must say I am a bit of a collector of his pose props at least. I think I have nearly all of them. So I was already happy when I received a notecard last weekend, in which was told there were not one, but two new pose props. They were two birdcages, Nightingale Glee and Nightingale Sorrow.

I had planned on going there yesterday to seek them out and fool around with them to see what poses were in them, when I got another notecard. This notecard was a thank you for applying to the Blogger Group, and an apology, because the number of replies to the invitation was so enormous, Mr. Diesel will need quite some time  to go through all the applicants' blogs. Then there was a short message about sending the new props sets to a random set of bloggers, which would not mean they were in the group yet.

And about a minute later two more pop-ups came into view. Apparently I was one of the random bloggers to receive the new prop sets! I unpacked them and made a little happydance around them. Ofcourse, I figured that as I had applied to the Blogger group, and I got these as such, I would hop on them and go do what they were made for, making pictures.

These two birdcages are called Nightingale Glee, and Nightingale Sorrow for a reason. While Nightingale Glee is full of nice burlesque poses, and is a shiny golden cage. In the pictures I decided to wear a bright and happy coloured outfit, to compliment the burlesque poses in it.

Nightingale Sorrow is, as the name gives away already, full of gloomy poses, while the cage itself is a dark iron cage. For this I have bought the same outfit is in the upper pictures only this outfit is as dark and gloomy as the cage and its poses are.

All of these photo's are made by the latest FireStorm viewer, which has the new Phototools by Paperwork integrated. These new Phototools are amazing, and I haven't even come round to fully using all features yet. One of the best but also most simple things in this new set is the ability to save a camera position. In the past I have had pictures where I had the perfect angle, but then I spotted a prim that was not correctly aligned, or a colouring that needed to be changed. Then I had to zoom in to fix everything, and I could spend another half an hour to get that camera angle again. Not anymore, since with the new tool there is a simple button to save the camera position and angle, and load it when you need it again. There are also a lot more technical options in the new tool, but for that I recommend reading Paperworks blog, and watching his video turorials.

1st picture:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Amelie
Blindfold: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Corset: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Boots: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Panties: Random Inspiration - Smooth Thong
Poses: Diesel Works - Nightingale Glee

2nd picture:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Amelie
Blindfold: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Corset: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Boots: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Panties: Random Inspiration - Smooth Thong
Poses: Diesel Works - Nightingale Sorrow

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Oh my God! I should have you dress me!

Lately it seems everybody is into making platform again, not in the least Skifija, which i've blogged about in an earlier post. This time it's Skifija again, along with some other goodies I found while browsing the Marketplace.

I think Skifija has become one of my new favorite footwear creators. Since he switched to mesh footwear I think I haven't missed one of Goran's designs. It all started with the Lady Night Pumps, where he was very innovative, being the first (that I know of, at least) to create shoes separate from the mesh feet, meaning that you could also take off your shoes! And to this date, The skifija bare feet are actually still my favorite bare feet in my inventory. And I know bare feet! I have them from most of the big shoe companies.

Anyway, this time Goran has released a new pair of thigh high boots, this time the Extreme Platform Boots, in black patent. I wonder if he will be releasing them in other colors as well, although the Sting Boots still only are available in black as well. Perhaps I should drop the suggestion at mr. Osterham, and perhaps in the future there will be other colors available.

The rest of the outfit is very black as well, and leans heavily on Etchaflesh, a shop that has become one of the better known mesh corset makers. In this outfit I have chosen for a neck corset, corset, panties, and arm warmers from Etchaflesh. Together with the lovely jacket from Indyra, and some other accessories these make up the complete outfit.

I must say I'm very pleased with this outfit as a whole as well. I've worn it yesterday all day, and while I was AFK most of the time, I got some nice compliments about it. One of the coolest remarks I got from people yesterday was the following:

"Oh, my God! I should have you dress me!"

Needless to say I was quite happy with that comment. I always say that copycats always are flattering. When people copy your look onto their own avatar they obviously like your styling. As long as the do not copy my entire avatar and keep some of their own creativity in their outfit, I don't mind people copying my style.

Hair: Truth Hawks - Cyanne
Shades: je suis... - Divine
Piercings: je suis... - Perce
Nails: Mstyle - Perfect Hand - Long Nails
Jacket: Indyra Originals - Republica Fur
Neck Corset: Etchaflesh - Zip Me Up Kalima Neck Corset
Corset and panties: Etchaflesh - Lady Death Lingerie Set
Arm Warmers: Etchaflesh - Rubber Arm Warmers
Boots: Skifija - Extreme Platform Boots
Pose: Diesel Works - Diva