Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bax Regency Thigh Boots

Today I logged in to SecondLife, and only after a few minute, I found a blinking IM box from Bax Coen. I went to my IM window and found Bax had sent me the next release From Bax Coen Designs!

Years I have worked for Bax Coen Designs as a Customer Service Representative, otherwise known as a CSR. And during those years the most heard suggestion I have ever heard was the request to Bax to design some thigh high boots. Some people have filled out multiple suggestion forms, but to no avail.

Well, ladies, your prayers have been heard! Somewhere in the next week, Bax Coen Designs will set up a new release. After the enormous success of the Prestige Boots, and The Foxy Booties, there is a new Bax Coen product on the market: The Bax Coen Regency Boots!. They are leather, mesh, high heeled, thigh high boots, and they are gorgeous, as we have all come to expect from Bax of course.

And these boots have been made ready fr all the newest technology in SecondLife:

  • 7 Leather Colours available: Black, Burgundy, Cream, Pink, Plum, Red, and White
  • 100% rigged original Mesh, with extra attention put towards having a most realistic bending action at the joints.
  • Designed for SecondLife Materials, with lifelike shine and surface details, but also for non-Materials setting in the viewer.
  • Self-fitting with Collision Bone Deformer - adapts to muscle and body fat changes.
  • One size fits all standard sizes and more, additional PLUS and BBW sizes also provided.
As said they will be released next week,and the price is not known yet, but probably like the Prestige Boots, the new boots might be costly, but they will certainly not be expensive!

Hair and hat: Maitreya - Shiobhan
Piercings: je suis... - Perce
Top: (red)Mint - Dwindle top
Glasses - Z O O M - Aviator Classic
Nails: Mstyle - Perfect Hand - Long Nails
Skirt - Happy Undead - Mini Skirt
Boots: Bax Coen Designs - Bax Regency Boots
Pose: LostAngeL - Shoes Structure