Saturday, February 09, 2013

Lullaby for Venus Part II

A little while ago I posted about the Lullaby for Venus shoes by Skifija. Recently a new pair was released by them, another Lullaby for Venus pair, this time the are black. And these shoes are a bit easier to combine with other clothing as the trim on the shoes is golden this time, in stead of the purple trim on the Ivory versions.

Ok, hold the presses, This news is fresh, it's even so fresh the shoes probably haven't even been bought yet. I just got a message from Goran Osterham that Skifija released yet another pair of Lullaby for Venus pumps, only this time it is the first multicolour pair. The colours are four shades, ranging from baby pink to maroon. Because these shoes are colour changeable, there needed to come a new HUD, but this new hud can do more than just adjusting the colours of the shoes (And of course the already existing features of colouring the feet and nails, and fitting everything which was already possible with the old HUD).

With the new HUD you can now recolour different parts of the shoes. The inner and outer sole both have 4 colour variations. The logo on the bottom is completely colourable, and even the trim has 4 colours to choose from, ranging from different shades of gold and silver. And now it's possible to add the SL shine and/or glow to your shoes, making these the most variable shoes made by Skifija yet.

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Skye
Nails: Mandala - Takara
Lashes: Maxi Gossamer - Groomed Medium Black (Mesh)
Necklace and earrings: Mandala - Soul
Jacket - Celoe - Rossi
Belt - Celoe - Abel
Skirt - Celoe - Nikka
Shoes: Skifija - Lullaby for Venus
Pose: Diesel Works - Modelling Chair V.2011

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