Monday, December 03, 2012

Sing, sweet Nightingale

A little while ago I received an invitation through the Diesel Works Update Group to apply to the Diesel Works Blogger Group. As most of my readers probably already noticed, a lot of the poses I use in these blogposts are poses by Diesel Works. Rogan Diesel is one of my favourite posebuilders and I must say I am a bit of a collector of his pose props at least. I think I have nearly all of them. So I was already happy when I received a notecard last weekend, in which was told there were not one, but two new pose props. They were two birdcages, Nightingale Glee and Nightingale Sorrow.

I had planned on going there yesterday to seek them out and fool around with them to see what poses were in them, when I got another notecard. This notecard was a thank you for applying to the Blogger Group, and an apology, because the number of replies to the invitation was so enormous, Mr. Diesel will need quite some time  to go through all the applicants' blogs. Then there was a short message about sending the new props sets to a random set of bloggers, which would not mean they were in the group yet.

And about a minute later two more pop-ups came into view. Apparently I was one of the random bloggers to receive the new prop sets! I unpacked them and made a little happydance around them. Ofcourse, I figured that as I had applied to the Blogger group, and I got these as such, I would hop on them and go do what they were made for, making pictures.

These two birdcages are called Nightingale Glee, and Nightingale Sorrow for a reason. While Nightingale Glee is full of nice burlesque poses, and is a shiny golden cage. In the pictures I decided to wear a bright and happy coloured outfit, to compliment the burlesque poses in it.

Nightingale Sorrow is, as the name gives away already, full of gloomy poses, while the cage itself is a dark iron cage. For this I have bought the same outfit is in the upper pictures only this outfit is as dark and gloomy as the cage and its poses are.

All of these photo's are made by the latest FireStorm viewer, which has the new Phototools by Paperwork integrated. These new Phototools are amazing, and I haven't even come round to fully using all features yet. One of the best but also most simple things in this new set is the ability to save a camera position. In the past I have had pictures where I had the perfect angle, but then I spotted a prim that was not correctly aligned, or a colouring that needed to be changed. Then I had to zoom in to fix everything, and I could spend another half an hour to get that camera angle again. Not anymore, since with the new tool there is a simple button to save the camera position and angle, and load it when you need it again. There are also a lot more technical options in the new tool, but for that I recommend reading Paperworks blog, and watching his video turorials.

1st picture:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Amelie
Blindfold: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Corset: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Boots: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Panties: Random Inspiration - Smooth Thong
Poses: Diesel Works - Nightingale Glee

2nd picture:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Amelie
Blindfold: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Corset: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Boots: Dirty Princess - Immoral Beauty Princess II
Panties: Random Inspiration - Smooth Thong
Poses: Diesel Works - Nightingale Sorrow

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